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A multi-disciplined Scottish media company.


Digital Media Services, Drone Aerial, 360 Video & Corporate Video Production


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An Ecosse From Above Company

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Our Services


High level, Roof, Building and Tower Surveys

Our UAVs can be used to carry out a wide variety of infrastructure inspections, from roof and tower surveys, to more complex surveys such as renewables or key infrastructure.

Drones can be a much safer way of accessing and surveying high level areas and complex structures.

We have a number of drones we use for mapping and GIS, including a fixed wing aircraft. GSD down to 1-3cm and accuracy from 1-5m for GPS and down to 1cm for RTK/PPK without GCP’s

Read our Public Sector R.O.I case study for high level surveys here

We conduct aerial surveys at altitudes between ground level and 400ft, filling the niche between ground based surveys and those undertaken by manned aircraft at higher altitudes.

Aerial surveys and mapping from UAVs offer levels of accuracy, precision, detail and scale never before possible and all for a fraction of the cost of aerial surveys from manned aircraft. Typical studies show that savings of up to 80% over traditional access methods such as scaffolding, towers, telecoms, radio masts and cell towers.Remote control drones are a safer means of high level surveys, falls are amongst one of the greatest causes of fatalities on building sites across the UK. Our drones have ultra high resolution cameras with zoom lenses, ideal for elevated survey work in difficult locations.

Our mapping drones can cover 200ha in one flight, with GSD’s of 1-3cm and accuracy of down to 1cm with RTK / PPK., With no requirement for GCP’s saving time and money.

Building and Roof Drone Surveys Drone Mapping, RTK / PPK with no GCP requirements Contour Maps, Point Clouds, DEMs, Photogrammetry