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Professional imaging and video solutions based in Scotland.  

360 Degree Video Production

Digital Media Services, Drone Aerial, 360 Video & Video Production


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As the technology we use is very new, we get asked a lot of questions about how we take our images, equipment used etc, here are answers to few that we frequently get asked.. . Just contact us if you have any more, we are happy to reply, demos can be arranged on request.

What on earth is a multicopter, quadcopter,hexacopter, UAV, UAS or drone?

A multicopter is like a helicopter but has several rotor blades to produce lift. There are Octocopters with eight rotors, Hexacopters with six rotors, Quadcopters with four rotors, and Tricopters with three rotors. We use mostly Hexacopters for aerial work which have six rotor blades, they have a nice balance of lift to weight ratio and are very efficient to operate. Having six rotors means that in the event of one failing we can still land the aircraft safely. The media likes to call all these drones which is what most people associate them with, the correct terms is UAS or UAV.

What kind of cameras do you use ?

Each class, size and type of multicopter is designed to lift a different payload. Our Multicopters can lift various cameras, including but not limited to the cameras listed below. Other cameras may work as well, some may require testing. Contact us for more info. This is a list of tested cameras to date.
- Panasonic GH4 with 12mm F2.0, (UltraHD 4K Video, (100mbs and 200mbs bit rates, choice of Codecs)
- Sony A7Rii & 19mm/28mm/50mm F1.8/ F2.8 lens (4K Video, (46Mp Stills), Full Frame
- Sony NEX5N & 16mm F2.8 lens (Full HD 1080p 50fps) converted for NIR, (Near Infra Red, full spectrum)
- Sony A6000 & 19mm F2.8 lens (Full HD 1080p 50fps, (4k Stills, AVCHD and MP4 Codecs)
- Sony A7Rii, Full Frame Sensor,35mm F2.8, 46mp stills, 4k Video, Ultra Low Light
- DJi X5, Micro 4/3 Sensor, 12mm/15mm/17mm/25mm/45mm, lenses, 60mbs, (Full HD 1080p, 4k)
- DJi X3, 1/3 Sensor, (Full HD 1080p, 4k)

How far and how high can a Multicopter fly ?

We are limited by the Civil Aviation Authority to 400ft in altitude above or below take off point and a maximum of 500m away from the operator.

Do you have insurance ?

As part of our license we have full public liability insurance of £5m

How long does the multicopter fly for ?

There are many variables that effect the flight time, payload weight, wind, temperature, but most of our multicopters will fly for between 10-16 mins

Do you provide a live monitor? Can what the camera is shooting be seen in real time?

We have video monitors on our ground stations and can provide extra monitors or video goggles as required.

What kind of weather conditions can you fly in?

We can fly in dry conditions in wind speeds up to 24mph, although we always recommend filming in winds of less than 15mph

Can you fly in urban areas?

We mostly fly sub 7kg aircraft which gives us permission to fly within urban areas, with the relevant risk mitigations etc.

What are the costs involved ?

We are happy to provide free quotations in most instances, to do so we will require the site location, shoot brief etc.
For some more difficult sites we may require a site survey before we can provide costs, if this is the case we will advise you in advance.
Please remember the overal time taken on any client work will include travel, pre-planning and any approvals, the flight time of the aircraft will only be a small element of the time involved.