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A multi-disciplined Scottish media company.


Digital Media Services, Drone Aerial, 360 Video & Corporate Video Production


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Our services


We can provide ground, mobile and aerial 360 Video production services.

360 degree video is a new way of telling your story, Traditional video composition techniques limit you to the contents of what the director wants to shows.  360 degree cinematography frees the viewer by removing these boundaries.  Viewing an interactive 360° video creates an immersive experience that allows the user to choose where they wish to look.

To maximise the opportunities of this new and exciting medium requires a creative eye with experience of this environment and the different canvas and skills in the creative process. new environment

Turkey Red Media, can offer a complete ground and aerial 360 degree VR video production, and was the first Drone operator in Scotland to offer an aerial 360 degree video service.

We have developed a large custom Hexacopter drone and camera mount specifically for 360 Degree Aerial Video which includes a gimbal for rock steady aerial 360 video at resolutions up to 12k.

Our drone features six rotors and two batteries for long flight times and resilience. Our custom video pod mount offers vibration isolation and  and is quickly removed for transportation or configuration.

We have a number 360 degree video pods, depending on the clients requirements. These can be mounted to our drones, handheld, vehicle mounted or tripod. Our stabiliser gimbal can be drone mounted or also vehicle or handheld.

Live ground video feed, and on screen display allows for framing and monitoring the drone in flight.

Final rendered and stitched spherical videos are from 4k  to 12k with no Nadir. The output created is ideal for content for “Video Domes”, or VR goggles such as the “Oculus Rift” or “Google Cardboard”, or “Samsung Gear VR”.

We have a number of 360 degree video pods available for ground use, aerial / drone, static tripod, dolly, vehicle or hand held. These offer resolutions from 4k up to 12k which is also suitable for very high resolution video domes.

Utilising industry leading tools from “Kolor”, “Mettle” and “Mocha”, on Mac and PC, stitching and post production of 360 video is  available in house, . We can format the 360 video output ready for Facebook, You Tube, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, or Samsung Gear VR for you. 360 Video is ideal for viral marketing, or trade shows, visualisation and training.

Download our free FAQ file on 360 Degree video and 360 Aerial Video: here

Pro10HD, 10 x GoPro 4 Hero Black, 360 Degree Video up to 12k resolution, for video dome content Kodak SP 360 4k Fish Eye Camera, for handheld, drone of vehicle mounting, ideal for "little planets" 360 Degree VR Video Production - Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Fort William 360 Degree VR Gimbal, Stablised 360 Degree Video 360 Degree VR Video Scotland 360 Degree Video SECC, SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland TG20 360 VR Gimbal, 360 Degree Drone Aerial Video Samsung Gear VR drone 360 3 Axis VR Gimbal for 360 Degree Video